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I.D. Emerging Designer Awards Show

August 6, 2011



The ‘Real’ Designers Show

July 8, 2011

At the longest runway (and read LONGEST show) in Dunedin, the cream of New Zealand fashion stepped out to present their collections… along with Akira Isogowa. It was a magical setting for the event, just a shame the music was hideous and the show went for something like 3 hours in a railway wind tunnel with no heating in 8 degree weather.

None the less, something to experience and a lovely way to spend my final night in Dunedin.


July 8, 2011

some things i loved…

It was really amazing being a part of such a talented group of young designers. Some of the collections really blew my mind. The details and concepts we’re just stunning. It really made me realise the importance of ‘styling’ a collection… of giving it a really polished and well thought out ‘look’. I felt like my garments were good by themselves, but together may have looked a little haphazard. So what I took from this was a lot of inspiration to work harder at creating a ‘look’. Of making a ‘collection’ as the true meaning of the word. To bring it all together and present a body of work that complements each other and allows for movement and flow within the range.  So a customer would be like “I’ll buy it all, Thank You.”

The I.D. Emerging Designers Show

July 8, 2011

Images courtesy of Mother from the side stage (hence the screen shots). Will have the professional photos coming up soon!

Critique Day – I.D. Emerging Designer Awards

July 7, 2011

That morning began with a lovely surprise… there was a gluten free cafe around the corner from our hotel!!! After a plate of eggs and toast and a large chai, me and my dear mother began on a walk of the town to somehow resurrect my headdresses. And what did we find in a cheap $2 store? FEATHERS! And not just any feathers… ones that were somewhat identical to the ones I cut off? As I said, everything happens for a reason. And so 2 hours before my critique, I sat on the hotel room floor and superglued every single one back on. (They actually ended up turning out better then before just like my Mum said they would but shhhh don’t tell her I said that.)

Bags packed we headed off to the critique where I set up the rack, went over my speech and waited slightly nervously for it to begin!

(my dearest mother always by my side)

Models dressed and looking so electrically bright and fantastic in the headdresses, I was happy. I hadn’t shown my collection the way I really wanted to at the UTS Graduation Show… so this time I listened to myself and made some changes. I was given a second chance and gave it all had!

Off to New Zealand….

July 7, 2011

So as you can tell, I have been somewhat M.I.A from the cyber world for the past 3 months letting this poor little bog fall by the wayside. But not to fear, all has been well and what an adventure I have been on! Here’s the catch up….

On April 5th I packed my suitcase (maybe 2 suitcases) and headed off for the I.D. International Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin, New Zealand. And look what I found in the in-flight magazine on Air NewZealand???? Stoked.

However, arriving at the airport there was a bit of a drama with customs as they told me the feather headdresses I had packed were not allowed to be brought into NZ due to some sort of random bird flu that I could infect the nation with. As you could understand, tears started to fall… I was running on lack of sleep and had just packed up my entire life leaving Australia indefinitely and did not need some old man telling me that half my collection (exaggeration) would have to go through chemical fumigation taking up to 6 days to complete. I didn’t have 6 days. I had 1 day. I tried to reason with the man telling him I had them posted from the UK to Australia and they were JUST FINE going through THOSE customs but to no avail.

So I sat on the cold sterile airport floor and cut every single feather off each of my 3 headdresses.

Tired and some what blotchy faced we left the airport and went to out hotel… that night was the opening of the I.D. Awards and so a small cocktail party was held (sponsored by Absolut) where many Blueberry Vodkas were drunk. Here’s the recipe because they were insane.

Oh and wasn’t it time to let go of the past??? Everything happens for a reason whether you know what it is or not at the time… and so the night went on!

YIELD exhibition

March 25, 2011

A MUST for all sustainable fashion designers… YIELD is an exhibition of designers exploring Zero Waste Fashion Creation curated by Holly McQuillan and Timo Rissanen. If you’re in Wellington from the 26th March – June, or Brooklyn, New York in September then check it out.

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